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Home with Keki Interior Design Blogger is one of the most renowned interior design bloggers on the internet. Modifying and home staging is a modern trend. Who doesn’t want their house to stand out among other people in a unique and organised manner? So if you are really ardent about renovating and showcasing your home you should definitely visit the Keki interior design blogs. 

Keki Cannon started her own home designing company Home with Keki Interior Design Blogger ten years ago. People gradually started taking a liking to her unique and innovative ideas for interior design. Many people find her blogs very knowledgeable and easy to read. You can also get many new ideas for refurbishing your home from her blogs. 

Keki’s every idea for enhancing the beauty of a home is very new and fresh. The most basic and primary idea to intensify the quality of a home is to clean and organise it. One more thing to attract a lot of people towards her blogs is that every interior designing blog is budget-friendly. 

So, now you can overhaul your own home with budget-friendly ideas. Follow the Home with Keki Interior Design Blogger for these stunning ideas. We have reviewed some of her most amazing ideas to renovate your house. These tips from Keki Cannon will definitely edify your home. 

Keki Cannon:

Before getting her bright ideas for interior designing let’s know who Keki Cannon is. Keki, being in the United States, started her career as an interior designer about a decade ago. Soon enough she got recognised for her innovative and astonishing ideas for home staging. Despite being a mother and a designer she also maintains a robust blog on Home with Keki Interior Design Blogger. 

In her blogs, she mostly posts about home decor ideas, painting, makeovers, market updates and design tips. So let’s have a look at some of her blog ideas for interior designing. 

Ideas From Home With Keki Interior Design Blogs To Renovate A Home:

Keki is one of the best interior designers of all time. In her Home with Keki Interior Design Blogger, she has shared a lot of new and ingenious ideas to decorate a home. Here are some most simple and incredible projects on interior designing on her blog. 

1. Modernise Your Kitchen Equipment:

To change the look of your kitchen into a modern kitchen all you have to do is to change a few pieces of kitchen equipment which doesn’t break your bank account. She has also suggested some websites on which you can find kitchen equipment at affordable prices. Just check out their knobs and handles to transform your kitchen as per your desire. 

2. Time To Replace The Curtains Of Your Shower:

Bathrooms are one of the most important areas of a house. Unnoticeably shower curtains can change the whole look of your bathroom. A nice beautiful shower curtain is very eye-catching. It’s also a pocket-friendly idea suggested at Home with Keki Interior Design Blogger to decorate your bathrooms. 

3. Bright Wall Lightings:

The lighting of a house leaves a great impact. Just a few changes in lighting can uplift the look of your house. Light fixtures can be replaced with switchable sconces to make it look very classy and beautiful. Wall lightings also add a little more brightness to the home. 

4. Flowers And Plants:

Flowers and plants are a symbol of beauty. You can get some artificial flowers and plants for stylish decor. They are very affordable and easily available too. Find some flowers which complement the colour and furniture of the house and place them pleasingly. Use a vase or handmade pot or even a stand for placing them in the right place. 

5. Embellish The Entrance:

Entrance is the first thing anyone notices when they enter your house. So it should be unique and attractive. At Home with Keki Interior Design Blogger she suggests that instead of an old table try something new which is traditional as well as modern. A traditional table with some modern paintings will give a vintage look to the entrance. You can also add your mini gallery by hanging some photos on the wall. 

6. Try Different Furniture Locations: 

A simple change can be brought to your living area by changing the location of the furniture. With just a little effort, artistry and energy you can get a whole new experience in living in the same house without any new expense. 

7. Time To Paint The Kitchen Cabinets:

Home with Keki Interior Design Blogger suggests very simple yet effective ideas to transform your home without much effort or expense. Painting your old kitchen cabinet can give it an entirely new and fresh look. You can even add some beautiful designs to it. So just grab your paintbrushes and add colours to your kitchen. 

8. Light Up Your Home With Some Candles:

Different candles with a sweet smell are all you need to make your home look more decorative and vintage. So buy some different-shaped candles and put them on with some beautiful candle holders. It will add beauty and happiness to your place. 

9. Renovate The Side Table Area:

The side tables look new and distinctive with a beautiful wall. Home with Keki Interior Design Blogger gives a lot of creative ideas to change the look of your home. You can apply different colours to the wall and table. The wall on the side of the table can be adorned with some plates and wall paintings. 

These are some ideas to transform your home into a beautiful and alluring place suggested by Keki in her blogs. For more ideas, you can follow her blog page on social media. 


A home is a comfortable place so it should be attractive and beautiful. There are so many different ways to uplift and beautify your home. The ideas shared by Home with Keki Interior Design Blogger are very effective and affordable. With the above ideas of Keki in this article, you can understand the concept of her blogs. You can even follow the home with Keki blogs for more innovative ideas to inspire new incredible home décor ideas. 

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