The Bathroom Pendant Lighting

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Are you looking for elegant pendant lights or practical bathroom ceiling lights? Selecting an effective lighting solution creates a relaxing environment. High quality and unique lighting design ensures a reliable and long-lasting solution for lighting and electrical requirements.

How you can select bathroom pendant lighting from a vast range of lighting options? Don’t worry! Come with me and try to know the best selection procedure for the right pendant light for your bathroom. Now we are going to delve into the deep discussion regarding different aspects of pendant bathroom lighting.

The Bathroom Pendant Lighting: An Overview

Pendant lighting is fixtures suspended from the ceiling using a decorative cord, chain, or rod. When the light is used on the ceiling of the bathroom, then it is called bathroom pendant lighting. 

Some important factors are to be considered for the pendant light in the bathroom such as the types of light, placement, cost, safety, and lighting weight. These are the components for decorating your bathroom and meet the requirement of light efficiently and safely.

The bathroom pendant lights are available in various sizes, shapes, colors, finishes, and materials. Bathroom Pendant light fixtures are a pretty, practical, and purposeful choice.

Have you ever planned to enhance your bathroom with pendant lighting? Think about the cost of fixtures and installation expenses. You have to consider the overall cost of the lighting project which can help to make the budget effective.

The price of the pendant light fixture can vary widely based on the design, materials, and quality. It may be approximately $50 to $600 or more per fixture. Also, the fixing charges for each pendant light in the bathroom can vary. It typically ranges from $100 to $300 for the installation alone. This amount may vary due to additional electrical work including a new switch, fuse, board, etc.

Types of Pendant Lights used for Bathroom:

Mini Pendants:

Mini lights are compact and ideal for smaller bathrooms. It can be hung in a series combination.

Multi-light Pendants:

The larger bathrooms needed ample illumination. This feature is suitable for multiple light sources on one fixture.

Globe Pendants:

This type of pendant adds a modern touch with its spherical design. It offers illumination in all directions.

Drum Pendants:

It is ideal for a calming ambiance. The drum pendants are enclosed in a cylindrical shade. It offers a soft and defused light.

Factors for selecting the pendant lights for the Bathroom:

Several factors need to be considered for selecting the light in the bathroom.

  • Adequate illumination is required. Alternatively, a dimmer switch with a higher wattage light can be used.
  • The light should have the capability to withstand the high humidity of the bathroom. The moisture in the air around the bathroom, can affect the materials and fittings and make it unsuitable. 
  • There is a question of safety for the pendant light due to the proximity of water.

Factors Affecting the Budget for Pendant Bathroom Lighting:

  • Cost for additional wiring or modification to accommodate new lighting.
  • Cost of hiring a skilled professional for safe installation and compliance with local building codes.

An Ideal Location for the Pendant Light in the Bathroom:

  • Considering the mirror position, the light should be fixed in that place from where shaving or applying makeup is possible easily. 
  • It can help with popper illumination by reducing shadows and glare.
  • As per the requirement for optimal lighting based on the specific needs of the user, the adjustable height pendant will be more beneficial.
  • The pendant light should be rated for damp locations and installed at a safe height as per the local building regulations.

The Best Lighting for Bathroom:

Some most important things are to be considered while selecting the best bathroom pendant lighting for your luxurious bathroom. Those are

  • The dimensions of the bathroom.
  • Height of the ceiling.
  • How the bathroom lighting can diminish glare.
  • Unflattering shadows.

After considering the above-mentioned points,  the light in the bathroom should be 

  • Neutral or soft white to warm white color temperatures.
  • The light and its fixtures are to be light in weight.
  • The wattage of the light is to be selected as per the dimension of the bathroom. The higher wattage is to be selected for the larger bathroom and the lower wattage for the smaller one.
  • As per the electricity rule, IP44 is to be followed for use in ceilings over a bath and IP65 for use in ceilings over a shower or bath.
  • All fittings are to be flush-mounted halogen or LED units.

The Color Rendering Index(CRI) and Bathroom Lighting:

The Color Rendering Index or CRI is a good idea to understand for taking the color and temperature concept of bathroom lighting. It can indicate the accurate color under specific light sources.

The National Institute of Standards and Technology recommends it. They have designed a 0-100 scale based on the light displaying pastel colors. The scale assumes that light closer to 100 CRI brings out the best in pastels. Also, that will work well with richer colors. A light closer to 80 CRI may be the best selection for your bathroom. 

Advantages and Disadvantages of Bathroom Pendant Lighting:


  • Versatile designs are suitable for various bathroom styles.
  • Adds a Decorative element to the bathroom.
  • It can be used for both tasks and ambient lighting.


  • Adequate Maintenance is required.
  • It may not be suitable due to spacing constraints. 
  • Installation may be more complex than ceiling arrangement.
  • It can collect dust and moisture and requires regular cleaning.

Final Thoughts: 

In the last word, it must be said that so many factors are to be considered for the luxurious looks of your bathroom pendant lighting. The material of light fixtures, its overall cost, the position of light fixing, its maintenance, the color of the light and fixture, etc are to be considered on priority. All these things have been considered throughout this article. We hope this will be the most informative article for you to choose the right bathroom pendant lighting.

What is bathroom pendant lighting?

Pendant lighting is the light fixtures suspended from the ceiling using a decorative cord, chain, or rod. When it is used for bathroom lighting, it is called bathroom pendant lighting.

What type of light is suitable for the bathroom?

Any light fixture that is rated for wet locations and IP-rated is suitable for bathroom lighting. Moreover, pendant lights with metal shades are more suitable for bathrooms than glass shades.

What will be the suitable place for hanging the pendant light in the bathroom?

Typically above the sink or vanity and the place that makes the shadow-free and dramatic look.

What is the recommended height for a pendant light over the bathroom vanity?

It should be 28 to 34 inches above the countertop.

What is the recommended height to install the switch of bathroom lighting?

2.25 meters above the floor level of the bathroom.

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