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Craigslist houses for rent is one of the safest platforms to find genuine tenants for your property. 

Looking to rent your property? It’s a very difficult task with a lot of risks involved in it. The most important thing before finding a tenant to rent your house is to find the most attractive way to lure the tenants. Advertisement is the first step involved in renting your property.

Apart from this, it’s also essential to find genuine tenants who have a clear background and are safe for your property. So choosing the right tenant is a bit of a challenge. So to find tenants who suit your criteria you need to expand your advertisement reach. So we bring to you the Craigslist application which is not only beneficial for landlords but also for the tenants to find their idle choice. 

About Craigslist Houses For Rent:

Craigslist Houses for Rent is a website for posting and viewing any kind of advertisements. It’s like a customary newspaper where you can find all kinds of ads including sales of items, housing, discussion forums, and jobs. 

Finding and renting houses is now very easy with Craigslist. One can post advertisements of their house, office, rooms, parking, estates for sale, rental temporary vacation villas, or whatever they want to sell or rent. Along with this, there are ads for almost everything including used cars for sale, lost and found items, employment, and much more. 

So if you are new to this website this article will help you understand everything about Craigslist houses for rent. Read further below to know how to use this website, its benefits, scams, and much more. 

Get Your Specific Email On Craigslist For Free:

For posting Craigslist houses for rent advertisements on this website get the registration email which is specific to Craigslist. It’s much safer as at the time of deleting one’s account all the information of the user including posts and personal information will be removed permanently from this website. 

It also has an alias option. In this, an alternative email will transfer all the messages to your inbox automatically. All your information will be kept safe even if somehow it gets deleted from the website. If you are new to this website you may try the alias option after a while. Once the email is created you can create your account on Craigslist. 

Steps For Creating Your Account On Craigslist

  • Step 1: First create an account on Craigslist Houses for rent by tapping on the Create an account option in the right corner after opening the website. 
  • Step 2: Type the specified email address. 
  • Step 3: After entering the email tap on Create an account
  • Step 4: on asking about verification check the email address and tap on continue
  • Step 5: Finally create your password or you may even ignore it and the account will be created. 

Is Craigslist A Safe Platform?

Although Craigslist is a very convenient and profitable website many spasms have been reported on it. Many fraud and scam cases are listed which create free ads. Many frauds even steal advertising ideas, property images, and posts of landlords and re-upload them with their contact information. 

Many con artists on this website demand money in advance and bluff people. So it’s highly suggested to meet the landlord in person and also visit the property before renting it. 

How To Detect Scams On Craigslist?

There are certain ways to detect a scam on Craigslist houses for rent like:

Fake Landlord:

While renting a house on Craigslist you may come across some fake landlords who try to con people. They steal property images and posts from other landlords and post them on their accounts. So before confirming a house for rent, always meet the landlord in person and inspect the property thoroughly. 

Fake Tenants:

Not only landlords but some of the tenants are also fake. It’s very risky to rent a property as the tenant may have a criminal background or if smoking or pets are prohibited in the property. So landlords should be cautious before renting their property. Do a proper background check-up and ask for solid proof for the record. 

Other Scams:

A person can be scammed on Craigslist houses for rent in other ways. If a landlord is asking about your personal information or money before visiting the house he may be a fraud. Never give any personal information or money to a landlord before confirmation. 

Do’s And Don’ts On Craigslist:

Do Give Complete Information About Your Property:

It’s very important to give detailed information about the property you want to rent. This involves the property you want to rent, the number of bedrooms, storage, garage, open area, garden, and doors. Describe everything with images so it’s easy for the tenants to look for their desired home. 

Do Check The Complete Background Of The Tenant:

Many cases of scams have been highlighted on Craigslist houses for rent. So be sure to look for complete information about the tenants before renting your property. 

Do Check The Property Before Renting:

Many landlords are also doing scams so it’s highly suggested to check the property first and then pay the money. Also, check for the background of the landlords as well. 

Don’t Give Your Personal Information:

Never give your details to landlords or tenants before renting a house. Personal information is not required in such a business and it may affect you as the person may be a fraud or con artist. 

Don’t Give Your Credit Card Or Social Security Number:

In renting a house, a credit card number Or social security number is never asked. So keep in mind not to disclose such things even if asked. If someone asks for such information they must be a fraud. 


Craigslist Houses for Rent is a very convenient and profitable website where you can rent your property for rent. It also makes the work of a tenant looking for a house as it provides all the necessary information about the property with images so you can choose the house as per your liking.

Even though it’s a very appropriate website there are many scam cases on it. So always be aware of such scams. Look for genuine landlords or tenants before renting. With Craigslist make your own house of dreams. 

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