Comprehensive Guide to Floor and Decor Return Policy

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Floor and Decor is among the most renowned sellers of hard surcharge flooring in America. They offer almost everything that you might require for your upcoming home project is available in Floor and Decor stores. Some of the common decor options that you can find with them are laminate tiles, wall decor, and designer wood. And if you do not like what you have purchased, there is a Floor and Decor return policy to help you return the product successfully.

Benefits of Floor and Decor return policy:

While we generally make a well-thought-out purchase after considering all the important factors, there still could be situations when our purchase might not fit well into our house. What are we supposed to do in such a situation? Well, this is a common question for several buyers from all over the world. But we are here to help you as a buyer of Floor and Decor by helping you understand the Floor and Decor return policy

If the Floor and Decor return policy is something that makes you hesitant to shop, you do not need to hesitate anymore. We shall provide you with all the necessary information that you need to know regarding the Floor and Decor return policy. Knowledge of the Floor and Decor return policy can offer assistance in making a successful return no matter if you have already made any purchase or not. 

Floor and Decor Return Process:

There are two possible options to complete a return according to the Floor and Decor return policy. Buyers can either visit the store to make the return or send a mail to the facility so that they can take the return. Let’s learn more about these

Return via Store

Simply visiting the Floor and Decor store to make the return is one possible way to return the purchase made online or from the store. All a buyer needs to do is visit the store with the product and the receipt or proof of purchase.

After this, executives can help buyers with the return procedure. If the purchase was made online and you have not visited the store before, then you can use any search engine to find the nearest store on Floor and Decor. 

Return via Mail

When returning the product via mail, it is important to get authorization by calling customer service before mailing the product back to their location. The support personnel will offer comprehensive instructions for return shipping to help you complete the return. The Floor and Decor return policy mentions that the buyer is going to be accountable for the expenses of the cost of shipping when returning a product via mail. 

It is important to ensure that the product is well secured to the pallet through a strap when the shipping is taking place on a truck. However, if the shipment is happening through FedEx, then the item should be packed securely. 

Is it Possible to Get a Return for Damaged Shipments?

Floor and Decor knows that damage may happen during transit and ships its items all over the United States. Clear guidelines for handling damaged shipments are also mentioned on the Floor and Decor return policy page. “Do not refuse the shipment” in any scenario if your purchase comes damaged.

It is suggested to get the delivery even if it has apparent signs of damage. They will deduct the shipping costs from your refund if you decide not to accept the delivery. There may be additional fees, such as a 10% restocking fee.

However, get in touch with their customer service right away to request a replacement.

Simply send an email to with the following information in order to claim your replacement.  

  • Images of defective products
  • The number of broken parts
  • Delivery receipt proof

Floor and Decor Return Policy with no Receipt 

If you can provide the original receipt, you will be able to get your initial payment back. However, in case you do not have the receipt, Floor and Decor are going to issue a product credit to you in the amount of the item’s lowest price. The same rules are applicable on the return initiated after 90 days from purchase, according to Floor and Decor return policy

If you do not have a receipt, you will additionally need to present a legitimate picture ID as verification. Every refund is regulated by their verification process. Floor and Decor retains the exclusive right to refuse returns or exchanges when a receipt is not available. They can also limit a return or exchange if the period of 90 days is exceeded. 

Exemptions in Floor And Decor Return Policy

  • A product is not eligible for the return to the Floor and Decor if it has already been installed into your home. Installed goods become non-returnable and non-refundable for any possible reason since they are now under the ownership of the buyer.
  •  The buyer will be solely liable for any product and property damage as well as labor costs resulting from improper installation. In none of these situations will floor and decor be liable to pay for the repairs.

What Items Cannot be Retuned at Floor and Decor?

Buyers are not allowed to return any customized orders for worktops, Treadwell stair parts, cabinets, etc. under Floor and Decor return policy. Once placed, these orders cannot be refunded. You can only return items for an exchange if they arrive damaged. For assistance with returning your personalized order, get in touch with their customer service.

Policy for Floor and Decor Exchange

The same ninety-day window is offered by Floor and Decor in case you choose to replace your purchase. During this period, buyers can get an exchange for the item online or by picking it up in-store. Only exchanges are permitted for any goods, including custom items or damaged items during shipping.

Policy for Floor and Decor Refund

After the receipt of the product by Floor and Decor, the processing of your return might take as long as 36 hours from their end. It is important to note that a refund will only be initiated by them if the returned item passes the assessment as per the Floor and Decor return policy

Returns are refundable with the payment made originally if the return is made within 90 days from purchase and has a receipt as well. On the other hand, merchandise credits apply to returns made without the original receipt and after completion of 90 days. Refunds for over $500 purchases made with cash or checks will be issued as mail-in refund checks.


A thorough understanding of the Floor and Decor return policy can enhance your shopping experience significantly. There is no need to stress about the return procedure if the item you purchased from Floor and Decor was not as per your expectations. All items, with the exception of customized orders, may be returned under the Floor and Decor return policy if they have not been installed. 

The 90-day return window is available for all items. To receive a refund of the purchase price, it is mandatory to present a purchase receipt. There is the option to initiate the return online or to return the item at any Floor and Decor store. They may decide to return the merchandise credit to you in the absence of a receipt and after ninety days. A valid photo ID is also required for returns without receipts.


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