Know Everything About Walnut Kitchen Cabinets

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We would like to know about the style of the kitchen cabinet if you are considering updating the same for your home. The theme of your kitchen will be the most considerable thing for choosing the color of the kitchen cabinet.

Are you curious about the theme and color of your kitchen? Sit down beside me and try to understand throughout this article why you should consider using a walnut kitchen cabinet for your dream home. 

A Brief About Walnut Cabinets Kitchen:

The most preferable wood for making gorgeous kitchen cabinets is walnut. Although less than 1% of forests have the opportunity to get walnuts, it is the best choice for homeowners and furniture designers. Numerous benefits submit this wood for the best choice of making kitchen cabinets in the globe.

The walnut is hard-wearing, long-lasting, a natural look with both traditional and contemporary styles. The walnut kitchen cabinet is more expensive than any other type of wooden kitchen. 

The simplicity of its maintenance procedure and several color combinations enhance its popularity worldwide. The acoustic property of walnut makes the kitchen quieter inside and has proven to be great for the environment.

Why has walnut been considered for kitchen cabinets?

Walnut is a type of wood. It has been in use for many years in the building sector. There are several basic advantages as mentioned below to selecting this wood for a kitchen cabinet.

  • Walnut cabinets work very well with both traditional and contemporary styles.
  • These are also interchangeable with other woods.
  • These can make it more practical and exceptionally versatile.
  • Walnut has a great natural look.
  • Walnuts are hard-wearing and combined with timeless appeal and unique beauty
  • They are strong enough against wear and tear.
  • It has proven to be great for the environment.
  • Walnut wood also has an acoustic property that can make the kitchen cabinet quieter.
  • These can last more than 30 years with adequate maintenance and proper care.

How to increase the aesthetic charm with a walnut kitchen cabinet:

The sophisticated look of the walnut cabinet provides the perfect canvas for decorating the kitchen cabinet.

Proper lighting:

Suitable lighting under the cabinet creates a cozy atmosphere. It can highlight the unique grain pattern of walnuts and create a focal point.

Luxuries Appeal For Hardware:

Selecting light hardware with a substantial presence of walnuts can further elevate the cabinets. Brushed nickel knob and pulls along with concealed hinges enhance its luxury appeal.

Striking contrast for Backsplash:

The glass tiles and ceramic tiles can add a modern touch and provide a beautiful contrast and harmonious look to the walnut cabinet. 

Incorporating open shelves:

Display the colorful glassware and dishes on the open shelves against the dark walnut cabinets providing an eye-catching element in the room.

Drawbacks of using walnut kitchen cabinet:

There are some limitations as usual for using this walnut wood as the kitchen cabinet including:

  • Walnut cabinets are considered more expensive than other typical cabinets.
  • Proper care and maintenance are required to make it longer lasting than any other type of wood.
  • These are extremely heavy to install and take up more space than other cabinets.
  • The limited variations of color options restrict it to decorating with various colors.

Tips to maintain the walnut kitchen cabinet:

Maintenance of the walnut kitchen cabinet is straightforward. Here are some care tips to look shiny and aesthetically character:

  • Dust and oil must be cleaned regularly with a dry and soft cloth.
  • We can clean deeply by using soap and warm water.
  • Harsh cleaning agents are to be avoided to prevent damage to the finished cabinet.

Various types of Walnut kitchen cabinets:

Modern walnut kitchen cabinet:

A fresh, modern look with a unique dark color and offering a sleek style and wormer appearance is fully defined by the modern walnut kitchen cabinets.

Black walnut kitchen cabinet:

Black walnut is considered one of the most beautiful hardwoods with prominent color, unique look, and classic design available in North America.  

Dark walnut kitchen cabinet:

In the kitchen design of dark walnut cabinets, we can easily permit its sturdy, durable, and rich brown pigments that provide an earthy appearance. This cabinet provides an elegant update for many years to come.

Light walnut kitchen cabinet:

This type of walnut cabinet is more costly than any other cabinet. Light walnut kitchen cabinets are suitable for smaller with less natural light cabinets. 

Rustic walnut kitchen cabinet:

The rustic walnut kitchen cabinet can last for a lifetime. This type of kitchen cabinet is a more attractive choice for the farmhouse kitchen.

Tips to make walnut kitchen cabinets to add a warm and elegant touch:

There are several ideas for incorporating walnut cabinets into the kitchen design to give it an elegant touch including

Light countertop combinations:  

To create a beautiful contrast and balance in the kitchen, walnut cabinets can be completed with light-colored countertops. 

Backsplash Contrast: 

To highlight the richness of the walnut cabinets, always try to consider after adding a contrasting backsplash.  Also, consider the subway tiles or mosaic patterns that can work well with walnuts.

Use Open Shelve: 

Try to combine walnut cabinets with open shelving to create visual interest and select a place to show decorative items or kitchenware to look more attractive.

Select Modern and Elegant Hardware: 

Choose elegant and modern hardware like brushed nickel or stainless steel handles to complete the natural beauty of these types of cabinets.

Concept to make as an Island:

Is there any island in your kitchen? You can consider the island cabinets to make the walnut a center point of the space.  

Integrated Devices: 

Try to consider integrating all appliances with the walnut cabinets for a streamlined and seamless appearance. 

Wrapping Up:

In the last word, we must say that walnut kitchen cabinets have captured the hearts of homeowners and designers of the kitchen. They are making heart-touching statements about the value of the kitchen cabinets.

Its longevity, durability, and timeless beauty are always showcasing the preference for quality and value. Its deep brown to light chocolate color and grain pattern suit traditional and modern kitchen styles.

Hopefully, this article will be the perfect piece of information for all designers and homeowners selecting walnut kitchen cabinets as per their preference.

How we can maintain the walnut kitchen cabinets properly?

Regular cleaning of dust and oil with soap and warm water can be an easy maintenance procedure to make walnut kitchen cabinets more shiny and aesthetics.

Which type of wood is preferred for kitchen cabinets?

Numerous features of walnuts have made it the preferable choice for making the perfect kitchen cabinet.

How many percent of forests are made with walnuts?

The forest of less than 1% is made with walnuts.

What types of walnut kitchen cabinets are there?

The various types of walnut kitchen cabinets are modern, dark, light, rustic, and black type.

Why walnuts are more expensive than any other types of wood?

The tree of walnut takes around 50 years to mature. It is longer than any other tree. Moreover, its durability, strength, or aesthetic character puts it in high demand among the best wood species around.


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