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One of the best places to settle in New Mexico is east Santa Fe, the capital of New Mexico. The residents are primarily in their own houses, and the neighborhood is well-established with school restaurants, parks, and coffee shops. Santa Fe was settled on a tiny scale in 1609 and 1610 by conquistador Don Pedro.

The dry weather of the place has made it a popular attraction for visitors, especially in winter. Mountains and resorts have made Santa Fe a great tourist spot and a good choice for permanent residence. Let’s have an in-depth discussion about the Santa Fe.

What To Know About East Santa Fe?

The place provides privacy, vibrant gardens, historic houses, and intimate beauty. The properties are not large-scale but peaceful, and because of this, people choose to stay in east Santa Fe. Generally, the residents are one herediting property from their families because they value their history, location, and lifestyle.

One of the most luxurious and timeless houses is captured in neighboring Santa Fe. One can quickly come across an abundance of architecture in the area, an attractive tourist spot. All the houses are iconic, well furnished, and have upgraded interiors and amenities. 

New arts and crafts are used to style The homes with wooden interiors and light-filled residences, and the color combination is nature-inspired, which makes it a gorgeous city in Mexico. The City’s entire set-up can be aesthetic because of its beautiful restaurants, boutiques, galleries, museums, resorts, bookshops, and stores. 

Santa Fe is a great place for immigrants looking for permanent residence. The City also provides plenty of peaceful privacy and focuses more towards complete feeling goals. The historic City’s architecture is something to adore, which makes it stand out in Mexico.

Why To Look For A Home In East Santa Fe?

The neighboring east Santa Fe are Paseo de Peralta bordering the Western edge, Camino camera covering the East, inside Avenue in the north, and Santa Fe trail falling in the south. All parts of the authentic City hold residential areas with centuries-old homes with well-established and maintained interiors.

Santa Fe has a beautiful natural Vibe and sunny days. People residing in the City will always have entertainment and the opportunity to explore beautiful historic places. People looking for something unique must visit the place as it holes native American lifestyle and Anglo cultures. 

Santa has numerous historic places open for exploring. There are numerous resorts where water activities are conducted for entertainment purposes. Everything is well settled in East Santa, which provides a sense of privacy and allows residents to feel sheltered from the chaos of the industrial City.

What Things Can Be Done In East Santa Fe?

Santa Fe holds it all together, whether indulging in different music, cuisine, history, or cultures or looking for adventure among mountains and hills. There is always an option for entertainment for people living in the Eastside as art galleries, restaurants, resorts, and cafes are also set up across Santa Fe.

Apart from appealing entertainment sports, historic places, and natural landscapes bring out enthusiasm in anyone. The unique beauty on the east side will amuse nature lovers. Most bikers and hikers go to the Sangre de Cristo Mountains foothills because of its attractive natural beauty. 

The Randall Davey Audubon Center & Sanctuary is a place not to miss in east Santa Fe. It holds more than 190 species of birds, colorful gardens with unique flowers, and historic homes constructed centuries ago. The roads built between the mountains are perfect for long drives. 

People who love games like Soccer, basketball, and football can go to Patrick Smith Park. The park has different built areas for games and a field for picnics with a station especially for BBQ. There are small water baths for visitors to enjoy swimming and other water activities on sunny days.

Saint John’s College conducts a traditional music feast to connect with new people and enjoy live concerts, music, and games. Events are also held to spread information about the history of East Santa Fe among visitors. There are numerous things to enjoy in East Santa, and have a great time in the sunshine.

Places To Visit In East Santa Fe:

Santa Fe has a vibrant art culture and architecture with much to offer. Some places which have made the City an attractive tourist spot are:-

1. Georgia O’Keeffe Museum 

The museum showcases more than 3000 artworks of painting and drawing. It holds national historic landmarks and even has works of American contemporaries. The place can be visited by appointment, so book before visiting the museum.

2. Canyon Road 

Historic buildings with fine art from across the world can be found on a canyon road, where recognized collectors throughout the United States and their famous artists’ artwork, such as Navajo rugs, handmade jewelry, and wood carvings, can be found.

3. Santa Fe Plaza 

The heart of east Santa Fe, where gatherings have been taking place throughout history, is Santa Fe Plaza. As you gaze around the historic street, there are many restaurants, workshops, and galleries. Several events are conducted every time to appreciate the tradition.

4. Museum of International Folk Art

A place with divorced artists from all around the world showcasing their arts and culture is the Museum of International Folk Art. Artistic tradition can be learned with the help of museums, exhibitions, and daily tours.

5. The Cathedral Basilica of St. Francis of Assisi

The church was built between 1869 and 1886, aiming to bring catholicism in Southwest parts. The church is a perfect example of Santa Fe’s history and representation of the Virgin Mary in the United States. The building glows golden when the rays of the sun fall on it.


A place where nature and history are being well carried is east Santa Fe. The place is growing fast among youngsters for getting settled as they get privacy, natural beauty, and various exploring places. There are many places for exploring and enjoying the east side, making it more popular among tourists.

The City has everything, including some of the best schools for outstanding education. Santa Fe can be an excellent choice for spending holidays or settling for a peaceful lifestyle. Well, this article had all the essential information one should be aware of about Santa Fe.

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