Top Best Electric Fireplace Ideas With TV Above

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Looking for electric fireplace ideas with tv above? When making your living room more pacifying and inviting, what else can be better than setting up a fireplace in the area? Fireplaces are usually the greatest focal point which additionally provides ambience and warmth for a living room. 

However, with kids or pets in the house setting up a fireplace might not be a good idea. Alternatively, one can set up an electric fireplace which can be a safer and handier choice. There are multiple ways to make the most of your fireplace. One good way is by installing a TV and making it a cosy and comfy entertainment centre of the house.

With endless possibilities of electric fireplace ideas with tv above, choosing the cosy and comforting style for your house can be a bit confusing. Do not worry as we are here to alleviate this hardship for you. This guide right here will present you with the top best electric fireplace ideas with tv above to light up any room for winter. 

Is It Safe To Place A TV Above An Electric Fireplace?

A common question that dodges through people’s minds is whether the placement of a tv above an electric fireplace is safe or not. 

Unlike a traditional fireplace which requires a chimney or vent to keep away the smoke, an electric fireplace provides heat without smoke. However, due to its nature heat goes up into the air and is capable of damaging the electric fireplace. 

To conclude, electric fireplace ideas with tv above are safer as long as the distance between the television and the fireplace is adequate. To know more about the adequate distance between the two, let’s switch to our next section.

What Should Be The Correct Distance Between the TV and The Electric Fireplace?

Electric fireplace produces 3500-4500 BTUs of heat on average. Thus, placing a tv above it is not an issue. Nonetheless, one should maintain a distance of 6-8 cm between them to prevent the appliances from potential damage. So, one can place electric fireplace ideas with tv above without any further risks and uncertainties. 

Some Top Best Electric Fireplace Ideas With TV Above:

Let’s have a look at some of the top best electric fireplace ideas with tv above to enhance the look of your living area.

1. Shiplap Electric Fireplace with Glass Doors:

If you are a minimalist who loves exploring modern decor, then this electric fireplace idea is the one for you. A TV is located above an electric fireplace with chique glass doors mounted on a shiplap wall. One can choose the colour of the shiplap wall with white or grey to give it a minimal look. Pair the decor with contemporary furnishings and your elegant, classy and cosy living room is good to go!

2. Rustic Aesthetic Wood Mantel Electric Fireplace:

If you are someone who likes rustic aesthetics, then you mustn’t miss this electric fireplace idea. Though regarded as the old-fashioned style, this is one of the most soothing styles. To give your living room a rustic aesthetic touch, place your tv over an electric fireplace built underneath a fake chimney and mount it over bricks and stone model walls. Pair it with cosy furnishings and your oldy-goldy electric fireplace ideas with tv above is ready!

3.  A Built-in Shelves Electric Fireplace:

If you have a habit of adding extra storage space in every corner of your home, then you’ll be delighted to read this electric fireplace idea. This simple yet spacey design will help you make the most of your cosy living room. The built-in shelves will help you accommodate all your novels, books and magazines in one place. What else is better than sipping coffee curled up on a couch with a good book in snowy weather?

4. Dry Stack Stone Electric Fireplace with TV Above:

In the next top best electric fireplace ideas with tv above, we present to you a stained wooden mantle framing the dry stacked stone electric fireplace. Sounds cool, isn’t it? The wooden mantle serves as a multipurpose bridge as one can ignite scented aroma candles on it or use it as a shelf for keeping books or any other decorative items. 

5. Wooden Shiplap Electric Fireplace With Black Thin Blade Ceiling Fan:

Looking for ideas to enhance the look of your living room? Try pairing the black thin-blade ceiling fan with lightly-wooded shiplap walls mounted with a wall tv above a glass electric fireplace. This sleek-style electric fireplace with a black thin blade ceiling fan will surely be the centre of attention at your next in-house parties.

6. Floor-to-Ceiling Stone Electric Fireplace:

The next best electric fireplace ideas with tv above are based on a floor-to-ceiling stone electric fireplace wall with some contemporary comfy sofas. One can also choose the floor-to-ceiling wall with a specific colour other than the room such as grey or black to give it a unique touch. Attach a floating staircase matching the colour of the fireplace to enhance the look of the area.

7. TV Mounted Over A Traditional Stone Electric Fireplace:

The traditionally designed electric fireplace with natural, earthy stones will deliver you the comfiest, warm ambience corner in the house. The open design of the fireplace will help you shift your attention from it and appreciate the home decor. 

8. A Contemporary Styled Wall Mounted Electric Fireplace:

If you’re someone who doesn’t like experimenting with different aesthetics, then the contemporary-styled electric fireplace ideas with tv above is the best one for you. The contemporary-styled electric fireplace can be built over a real or a false wall. Add shelves and cabinets as per the ambience of your room and your living room with a touch of modern elegance is served. 


Although there are multiple ways to decorate your living room with a TV above an electric fireplace, we managed to narrow down your approach to our eight best ideas. As known, the fireplace is an attention centre of the room. Therefore, it must be made in such a way that it stands out well. In the top best electric fireplace ideas with tv above guide, we provided you with the best contemplates as per your preference. Hope you find it helpful. Make sure to give it a big fat thumbs up if you like it and tell us in the comments which according to you is the best decor idea.


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