How To Clean Prefinished Hardwood Floors

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When it comes to flooring, many of you prefer to install hardwood flooring over tile flooring. So, how to clean prefinished hardwood floors? This is primarily due to the hardwood flooring’s strength and beauty.

However, it also requires a lot of cleaning and upkeep since if neither is done, it loses its ideal beauty. Therefore, maintaining and cleaning your hardwood floor is required.

The best option for cleaning the floor is always professional cleaning, despite the availability of a variety of home cleaning methods. read the post to know how to clean prefinished hardwood floors.

The response to this is: Regularly sweeping the floor to remove dust is thought to be one of the finest ways to maintain a prefinished hardwood floor. Let me demonstrate a few more cleaning techniques for prefinished hardwood floors in this article.

How To Clean Prefinished Hardwood Floors – The Best 4 Methods

Vacuuming The Floor

1. Vacuuming The Floor:

To clean your floor, use a vacuum without a beater bar. To clean the crevices between wood planks or to get rid of dust and grime buildup in corners of the room, use a nozzle attachment.

As it assists in removing dirt and dust that have accumulated in the room’s corners, vacuuming is thought to be one of the simplest and best ways to clean a prefinished hardwood floor. For utmost hygiene, the flooring should be cleaned periodically.

Dirt and debris will ultimately make their way into nooks and corners, even if you dry dust your floor with a microfiber mop every day. Avoid using beater bar upright vacuums to prevent damage.

2. Mopping The Floor:

Dirt and particles on your floor are removed by mopping. Use a moist microfiber mop if required. You might clear away light dirt and grime with a moist mop.

After damp mopping the floor, make sure there is no more water on the surface. Any puddles you encounter should be immediately dried with a clean towel. Use the proper floor cleaning to prevent harming the hardwood.

To some water, add a few drops of dish soap. Dip a sponge mop into the solution, then completely wring it out to clean the floor. After cleaning with the sponge, you must use a damp mop to remove the film that dishwashing liquid leaves on the floor.

3. Cleanup Services:

Are you wondering how to clean prefinished hardwood floors? Utilize the cleaning agents that the manufacturers advise using. Avoid using any at random because it could seriously harm your flooring.

Prepare a cleanser and water solution, then dunk a sponge, clean cloth, or mop in it to begin removing stains. Make sure to thoroughly rinse it out because leaving too much water on a hardwood floor increases the risk of harm.

4. Leaks And Stains:

Clean up spills as soon as they occur. Use a clean cotton or microfiber cloth to gently dab the spill until it is entirely soaked. If the spill is sticky, dab it with a mop that is only slightly damp.

Dry the area using a microfiber towel. If a spill has left a stain, use a clean, damp cloth and the manufacturer’s recommended floor cleanser to gently wipe the stain.

If you have an oily or greasy stain, you should use a floor cleaner with a high pH. Clean up spills by going along the wood’s grain. Water stains will be less likely as a result. Avoid scratching the spots because doing so could make them worse; instead, dry them with a microfiber cloth.

Other Cleaning Advice For Prefinished Hardwood:

  • If you’re concerned about scratches or the possibility of wearing down your hardwood flooring, you may prevent scuffs by placing floor covers under chairs and other furniture. 
  • Area rugs and doormats also preserve your floor while adding style to the space.
  • To ensure that the floor ages uniformly, be careful to shift your furniture once a year. 
  • Last but not least, it’s advisable to periodically trim your pets’ nails if you have any. Your pets’ nails should be cut to prevent further damage to the flooring and to keep them healthy.


So, this is the complete guide on how to clean prefinished hardwood floors. Wood floors require regular maintenance, but you also need to be careful not to overclean them. Cleaning too much could damage your floors.

It is strongly advised to employ a pro even after knowing the finest techniques to clean a prefinished hardwood floor. Professional cleaners are qualified to accomplish so without harming the surface and use the proper cleaning agents for your hardwood floor.


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